Responsible Gaming

We at Palms Merkur Royale Casino believe that gaming should always be handled responsibly. We aim people to enjoy games for the right reason - to have fun. We want to offer a source of entertainment that people over the legal age limit of 18+ can enjoy in a safe, secure and fair environment because we know that Responsible Gaming is a driving force to maintain a sustainable business.

In order to reduce or avoid the potential negative economic, social and personal consequences for vulnerable persons and their relatives, we may apply protection measures aimed at banning or preventing gambling.

As part of our responsible gaming offering to our customers, we offer features to help them promote responsible gaming and keep gaming safe and fun. Some examples are:

Self-Exclusion: Players who experience difficulties in controlling the amount of time or money they are spending on our games are strongly encouraged to contact our casino management in order to request temporary or permanent freezing of their account.

Play Limits: The casino can set game play limits, and support when limits have been reached.

All participants may request not to be admitted to participate in gambling by submitting a written request in a form, in person or by an authorized representative, to the Executive Director of the NRA for entry in the Register of Vulnerable Persons.

The request may indicate a period for which the entry is made, which may not be shorter than 2 years.

All participants can request deletion of the data entered in the Register by submitting a written request to the NRA. In addition, deletion of the persons entered in the register shall be carried out when the term for entry indicated by the person has expired, and if such is not indicated - with the expiration of 2 years from the entry.

Self-exclusion involves a commitment not only on the part of the client, but also on our part. We take the necessary measures to protect the customer. During temporary breaks and indefinite periods of self-exclusion, customers are not allowed to make deposits and participate in games.

National register of vulnerable persons, established and maintained by the NRA, according to art. 10g al.1 of gambling law.

Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

Do You:

Gamble to escape worry?

Gamble to get money to solve financial difficulties?

Feel unable to stop playing regardless of winning or losing?

Often gamble until your last dollar is gone?

Sometimes neglect your family because of gambling?

For more information on issues related to the development of gambling addiction and socially responsible gaming, visit:

The information site of the Responsible Game Foundation:

National Center for Responsible Gaming (USA):

National Problem Play Council (USA):